Friday, July 21, 2017

Reblog: betty-youmo: 永遠不要怪別人不幫你,也永遠別怪他人不關心你。

 Boudoir photography

永遠不要怪別人不幫你,也永遠別怪他人不關心你。活在世上,我們都是獨立的個體,痛苦難受都得自己承受。沒人能真正理解你,石頭沒砸在他腳上,他永遠不會體會到有多疼。人生路上,我們都是孤獨的行者,如人飲水 冷暖自知,真正能幫你的,永遠只有妳自己。

So real, just like what happen everyday.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Adobe Camera Raw 9.12 is now available

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Zhuhai Opera House stock photograph

Zhuhai opera house stock photo

Zhuhai opera house stock photo

by JT Lau

Let's make a long story short, a german business come and request for some stock photographs of the Zhuhai Opera House.

I call all fellow photographers and finally find some good Zhuhai Opera House photographs from JT Lau.

We edit and process the images and email the inquirer previews but they don't reply anymore... they are so rude and without business courtesy.

Anyone who interest for stock photograph of Zhuhai Opera House may contact me anytime, the images is here and ready for send in second ;)

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Any professional photographer who pay money for an interview?

I don't.

But just now a Zhuhai, China web media contacted me and want me to pay CNY2000 of an interview.

If you do, I really want to hear your story.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lightroom CC 2015.12/6.12 Update

Adobe when will you sync the name? If I see files call CC2015, I may just dump it.

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ICC Profile for Canon Selphy CP1300

Canon just release their Selphy CP1300 printer, and since the engine and print material is no different than their pervious generation. CP ICC will work with it.

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Monday, July 17, 2017


Zhuhai street photography

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